TPACK Inspiration Station

During my time as a MSU Urban STEM Fellow, I realized that a major impediment to many teachers integrating tech into their daily lessons is they don’t know where to start and the constraints on their time leave them feeling they will not be able to sift through the ocean of information and available tech resources to find tech that will be useful in their classes. A key takeaway from my time in the fellowship is that integrating ed tech does not have to be a scary, burdensome process, and that it is more important to just try.

I designed an app to help jump start this process for teachers. The app provides technology and pedagogical ideas, as well as the TPACK Inspiration Station. TPACK is the idea that instruction that helps cultivate 21st century skills will consider three aspects: technology, pedagogy, and content.

The Inspiration Station Provides random pairings of tech and pedagogy suggestions. It is not a canned lesson or map for integrating tech. Rather, the Inspiration Station serves as a stimulus for teachers to help them consider how to creatively integrate the tech and instructional strategy together with a concept they aim to teach.

Use the TPACK Inspiration Station

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