Tinker Tale- Deep Play Group

During my MSU Urban Stem Fellowship, I will be engaging in an investigation of multi-modality in the classroom through my “deep play” group. The video below discusses our progress to date.

Take 1:

Tinker Tale Take 2:

Here is an update on my work in my Deep Play Group so far this school year.

Tinker Tale Take 3:

This video is a record of the discussion my Deep Play Group had about the text, Multimodality, Learning and Communication: A social semiotic frame (Bezemer & Kress), and our current thoughts about how multimodal teaching and assessment can work in an urban setting.

Deep Play Group Newsletter and Professional Development Agenda:

Multimodal Learning Professional Development

Objective: Teachers will understand multimodal learning and modify existing learning experiences to allow for multimodal learning experiences.

  1. Intro 15 min: Overview of multimodal learning including examples of multimodal projects and resources.
  1. Quickfire: 20 min

Teachers break out into small groups by content area. Choose an existing project and modify it so that it is a multimodal learning experience. The teacher group will create a presentation of their idea using the presentation format of their choice (i.e. powerpoint, video, sketchnote, etc.)

  1. Group Presentation of Ideas 15min
  1. Exit Slip 5 min: What is one takeaway that you will implement with your students immediately.