Setting Goals: Instrumental and Missional Thinking

After over a decade in education, the list of issues I care about has become more detailed, but fundamentally aligns to my primary mission of addressing issues of social inequity by working in education. I remain dedicated to improving urban public schools. My focus is on continually improving the educational experiences and opportunities in these schools. My long term goals are aligned with creating learning experiences for students that help prepare them for post-secondary opportunities. Twenty-first century skills sounds almost cliché at this point as many schools and politicians use it regularly in their rhetoric to describe what they offer or what is lacking in education, but truly trying to help educators define what this means and how to create learning experiences that address this need continues to be central to my idea of how to address the inequity that exists in urban schools. This focus will include finding ways to fund access to technology and training for teachers to integrate tech in meaningful ways. It will also include remaining in a leadership position where I can regularly discuss instruction with teachers and support them in implementing new ideas, where I can help hire and work to retain innovative teachers, and where I can access members of the community to partner with teachers and students to create even more opportunities for learning and advancement.