Imagine IT Spring Update

Imagine IT Update #2

Supporting teaching for conceptual understanding:

I am continuing to meet with teachers and lead professional development to support their development of learning experiences designed to promote conceptual understanding. I continue to shift my own delivery of pd so that I am modeling the instructional shifts expected of our staff. Additionally, I am engaging in weekly instructional rounds. I decided to streamline my feedback on their planning documents and from my observations into a short form. I added an area for tech suggestions to keep me accountable to constantly reflecting on how best to integrate tech into our practice as a school.

Development of TPACK inspiration station:

I distributed a survey to help generate a list of resources and teaching strategies for the tool. The majority of recommendations were from my coworkers, which was amazing to have their support, but also led to the submission of many strategies and ed tech that I am very familiar with. I am now trying to research vetted ed tech using resources like MindShift, Edutopia, and others. So that I can introduce teachers to new ed tech through the tool. I am also currently laying out the online tool and hope to begin testing it by the end of next week, which is about a week behind schedule.