Game Idea! -Level Challenge-

As I reached out to former colleagues during my Imagine IT, a game our department member created kept being mentioned as a favorite tool for their classrooms. Other teachers who had never heard of game but picked up on our excitement for it continually reached out to me for more details and examples. I’ve created a template for the game and am including an example as well.


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At its essence, the Level Challenge is structure where tasks are ordered from least to most challenging. Students must complete the tasks in order and cannot move on to a more challenging task until their current level has been signed off on by the teacher.
Small packets of questions are created using a least to most challenging order (one -two questions per page).We generally used it as a review game before a test using the following guidelines:

  • The class is split into two teams.
  • The game has two sections.
    • Section 1- everyone is working independently. Students come to teacher to get each page checked and cannot move on to the next page until they are correct.
    • Section 2- As soon as a student successfully completes the whole packet, keep their packet, but allow them to help other students on their team (half of the class). Continue keeping packets as they are completed and allowing students to help their team. There are both individual and team champions in the end!




While I am including the template for the version of the game our math department used, you can easily create a Level Challenge that other tasks, prompts, or stations (think Amazing Race!)




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